NON IT Asset Management

Our asset management service provides complete visibility and control over your non-ITΒ inventory.

Your Assets. Under Control.

Enhance Efficiency, Lower Expenses, and Ensure Asset Security with Non-ITAM solutions!

Non-IT Asset Management (Non-ITAM) refers to the practices and processes involved in tracking and managing all physical assets within an organization that aren’t information technology-related. Essentially, it’s the counterpart of IT Asset Management (ITAM), which focuses on computers, software, and other digital resources.

Benefits of Non-ITAM

Increased Efficiency

Knowing where assets are located helps optimize their use and streamline workflows. Find any asset in seconds. (No more wasted time searching for equipment!)

Cost Savings

Tracking maintenance schedules helps prevent breakdowns and extend asset life. (Prevent breakdowns, extend asset lifespans, and get the most out of your investments.)

Improved Security

Monitoring assets reduces the risk of loss or theft. (Gain real-time visibility of your assets, minimize loss, and protect your bottom line.)

Regulatory Compliance

Certain industries might have regulations regarding asset tracking and disposal. (Ensure compliance with relevant regulations with our comprehensive tracking system.)

What we offer

πŸž› Asset inventory and tracking with barcode scanning or RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) technology.

πŸž› Automated maintenance scheduling and management with reminders and work order generation.

πŸž› Asset lifecycle management from acquisition to disposal, including depreciation tracking.

πŸž› Reporting to gain insights into asset utilization and identify optimization opportunities.

With robust security features and seamless integration, the Non-ITAM solution empowers organizations to manage assets with efficiency.

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